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Great Hope: To Pursue Your Dreams
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GH2 = Great Hope, Great Humanity

Great Hope: To Pursue Their Dreams

GH2 = Great Hope, Great Humanity

Great Humanity: To Be Treated With Dignity and Respect

GH2 Benefits

Comprehensive Financial Services
Planning & Insurance Brokerage

GH2 Benefits

Employee Benefits For Businesses Everywhere


We provide the widest range of services to the widest set of people, nationwide. Simple advice on a single aspect of your finances, to comprehensive financial planning. You can ask us anything


Our specialized solutions to hire and keep employees in a tight labor market. Every employer needs a different set of benefits in order to control costs and protect its employees.

Financial Fluency

We are expert at taking the mystery out of financial topics, and putting it in language everyone can understand

Our Focus is You

Young family to retirement: our single goal is that
you are confident in your knowledge, and our advice

Financial Planning

Every stage of life, every set of priorities. We will get to know you, your resources, and what is important to you. 

Then, we’ll make sure that your financial setup matches what you want and need.


Insurance: Health, Life, Annuities

We represent the widest set of carriers and plans. The result is that we will be able to deliver the most appropriate approach, that you choose, at the most efficient price.

Online Quoting

You can do the shopping yourself, to get an idea of what premiums and the types of plans and policies exist.

You may want to implement yourself, or we can guide you across the finish line.



Employees = Key to Success

Employers and employees, from the widest variety of businesses,
have benefited from our coordinated services.


Short-term disability insurance is the single best protection that an employer can offer. It provides protection for both the employer and employee alike.


Insurance: Health & Life

Employer-sponsored health and life insurance can provide benefits necessary in order to attract and retain staff.

For employees, access to these policies can be superior, at a superior price, than in the individual market.


Dental, Vision & Other Ancillary Benefits

Dental, vision, critical illness and other benefits are more efficiently-priced in the group market than the very-fragmented, complicated individual markets. 


Knowledge is Power

We’ll guide you, step by step
so that you can be confident and choose wisely

We’ll Share Our Experience and Expertise with You.

We have a great deal of experience is sharing our knowledge with you. From newcomers to financial language to the most
seasoned professionals in their field, we can speak your language.

There are many reasons that financial topics remain a mystery.

1. There is a lot of jargon, and among many sellers, the use of the jargon is inconsistent.
2. A single fact can entirely change the solution that will fit your needs the best.
3. The market changes, as prices change, and sellers aggressively compete.
We are expert in dealing with all three, at the same time, and sharing that information with you, in language you can fully understand. We won’t rest until we are certain you are comfortable with the information that we share.

The result is you will be confident that you are getting the best for your money, under the widest possible set of situations.

When You Need More: GH2 Unfiltered

Even if you fully understood the jargon, there is more for our clients to consider.

  • How to actually compare among a complicated set of choices
  • How to compare policies and carriers
  • How to actually enroll correctly without unintended consequences
  • A single detail can entirely change your financial outcome

What You Get:

  • Information about carriers and plans that we cannot share in public
  • Comparison of retiree benefit plans to individual Medicare
  • Guides on how to consider retirement planning approaches and policies
  • Private newsletter when current events warrant special attention

Yearly subscription is less than a cup of coffee a month.

GH2 Unfiltered

In addition to access to the private posts and videos in this site,

New subscribers will also receive a free copy of Maximize Your Medicare, postage paid anywhere in the lower 48 states.


Different Situations, Same Feedback

What Clients Say

We guide clients with the long haul in mind.

George Burns
Jae Oh has been a lifesaver! Unlike another agent I spoke with Jae really knows the Medicare system/regulations backwards and forwards. My retirement was delayed for over two years and another agent said I was out of luck for health and supplemental coverage without going through the underwriting process. Enter Jae Oh and all is well as I had employer group health coverage. Jae worked diligently with me for over two years. He cheerfully answered all my ongoing questions and located the best health and supplemental coverages for us. I most wholeheartedly recommend Jae Oh.
Paul LeVasseur
Jae is the consummate professional. He has a unique and in my opinion, unrivaled ability to take complex financial concepts & strategies and explain them in a way that's easily understandable to the average person. Whether you're a novice or well seasoned, he can speak to your level. That combined with the best performance I have ever experienced makes this a no brainer. When the major averages were in double digit declines+, my accounts where holding steady at break even. Having Jae in your corner is like having Serena Williams as your personal tennis coach. This isn't just an academic approach, this is years of experience in the most cutthroat industry on earth. Not only will you get the performance and returns you're seeking (within reason don't get greedy people), you'll come to understand the market through the eyes of a wall street pro who's sat in rooms that few people ever see or even know about. You'll come away understanding what truly moves the market (hint hint it's not the same 5-10 companies they reference every day on CNBC/FoxBiz). You'll understand the real forces that affect mortgage rates, and so on. Jae is just as concerned that you're informed and UNDERSTAND how your money is being invested as the return & tax strategy. The end result is excellent communication, full transparency, unrivaled performance, and a first class education (should you take advantage) in how the modern world of finance works. And while this is not something that affects me personally at the moment, Jae is also a whiz at navigating the insane waters of Medicare, and he has the book sales and vlogs to prove it. I could not recommend someone with so much talent and such little hubris more than Jae Oh & GH2 Benefits.
David Fellows
Jae has been priceless in his assistance he has provided both myself and my wife and daughter. I am transitioning to Medicare in September. My wife won't be 65 until September of 22. I would have simply gone mad without his assistance. Call him sooner, not later.
Laurence Barton
Jae breaks through the madness of bureaucracy and is committed to helping clients make sound and wise choices based on years of study and serving as a trusted financial planner. His books are concise and compelling.
Bill Hurles
GH2 has been incredibly helpful for my wife and I to navigate the Medicare maze. Jae has helped us understand the various plans, help determine an appropriate “fit” for our needs, while always available with timely responses to our many questions. Now after our first year of coverage, we’re so pleased we leveraged GH2. All services and cost were in line with what Jae discussed and it gives us confidence in our decisions having his support. Medicare insurance is likely the most important decisions we at 65 and above must make, glad Jae was recommended to us!
Paul Arnold
Very helpful in making difficult decisions.
Kathy Abbs
Jae knows his stuff, inside and out! He takes time to explain (and explain again if need be). He more than gets the job done! Thank you!
Mary Doak
GH2Benefits, LLC has always given me good advice when it comes to enrolling in a Medicare Plan. I look to Jae Oh for advice each year during the time period of Medicare change. He does all the research, gives me several choices and I pick the one that best suites me. I recommend GH2 to everyone.
Dale Stephan
We were struggling with our first time signing up for ACA. A friend recommended we reach out to GH2. I was hesitant to ask for help but after trying to sign up myself I grew very frustrated with the range of choices. So with my wife’s encouragement I reached out to GH2 and wow did that make a difference to our lives! Jae is extremely knowledgeable about the process and the financial implications of choices one needs to make based on their personal circumstances. He turned an otherwise painful experience into a confidence building opportunity for my wife and I. I can’t say enough about the difference GH2 has made for us.


Jae reviewed a number of issues (age, health, financial security, risk tolerance, etc) which led us to opt for the monthly payment. For us, it was the right decision and we are thankful that Jae was there with his advice and expertise. We have become good friends. he is honest and caring. he presents things and give you time to think about it and only if you approve will he move on. My husband is an engineer and he doesn’t make up his mind til he knows all the facts and usually it takes some time. Jae’s heart is exactly where it belongs, he truly cares about what’s best for you.

-Geo & Sandy Lundy


My husband and I are so thankful for your help. We were in need of a special insurance program and could not figure out how to meet the government’s December 7 deadline without finding ourselves locked into the same program we had last year. You phoned after I had searched the Internet for an answer, heard my distress, and created a course of action to solve our concern. This was amazing since you know you would not receive any financial reward for this kindness. We are grateful to you.
Thank You!

Robert and Phyllis Nulty


Jae has been helping our company with our health insurance needs the past four years and has continuously provided great value. Our goal is to provide the most appropriate insurance policy at the best rates possible for our employees. Navigating the “insurance world” is never easy but with the advent of the Affordable Health Care Act this task has become hazardous. Do I have the right coverage? Too much? Too little? How much risk do I have? Can I afford it? Jae has worked for each individual, each year, to determine the most appropriate plan for their individual needs. This goes beyond selecting proper insurance this goes right to each employee’s bottom line each pay period. By being properly covered and choosing the correct policy there is more disposable income and that makes a difference in my employee’s lives.
My advice to you, find time to talk to Jae and let him do what he does so well.
Jerry S.

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