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The Price Of Nickel Skyrockets And Why It Matters

Pure Fantasy Isn’t The Monopoly of Socialists

Can I Have My Nickel(back)? (not financial advice, dyor)

Someone has made a lot of money here, if they are long the Nickel market. A LOT.

Yabit, that also means that those short have LOST a lot.

Why This Matters

First, here’s the link (click).

The point here is that for every long position, there is a short position. The problem is that those investors (seems to be a Chinese producer) has had to post collateral in order to borrow, in order to take that position. Now, those short positions have lost a lot of money, and have to pay back the losses.

How? The have to either sell something they own, or they default. The parties that have lent the money, to start, are on the hook for those losses. Who are they? Well, there will also be banks and brokers, who are not going to tell you who they are.

This is uncommon, but not unparalleled. Here’s Gamestop, 10 months ago, and the birth of the term “meme stocks.” Wut, you thought that all of a sudden, a video game retailer instantly was worth 17 times more valuable (from 17/share to 340/share) in a single month?

“I Don’t Care About Nickel, It’s Unrelated To My Portfolio”

Nope. Commodities can be part of the diversification of a global portfolio (there’s a reason for the comparisons to target date retirement funds in the past). When something goes wildly awry (like the path of a hurricane), then the “glue (correlation and covariances) get thrown off, and therefore, the allocations to other assets can be forced to change.

What are in those “allocations?” Uh, stocks & bonds.

Pure Fantasy


Medicare For All lookalike’s didn’t even get to the debate stage in California.

Dental inclusion within original Medicare can’t pass

So we have the political will to pass Medicare For All, on a nationwide basis?

They Aren’t The Only Citizens of Fantasyland

Instead, how about you making sure that you understand the system that we actually have in the real world? Just a thought.


REPEAT: These are not insurance. You do not cancel any existing insurance to use these. If you are uninsured, you can use these without conflict. If you have Medicaid or VA benefits, then always use Medicaid or VA.

These are discount cards, and again, the takeaway here is that if you are only taking generics or have expensive medications but that you know that will not hit the deductibles, then the cards are ok. Every location will have a different discount, on every medication. I have said in every forum that prescription distribution is among the most complex commercial activities I could possibly name. The number and complexity of inputs is difficult.

You can simply show this email to the pharmacy to see if you can save.
Still still still not financial advice. If you have a lot of medications, or have further questions, send an email to

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