49ers & Finance

The most inexplicable thing to me is that people use one set of reasoning and common sense to describe many things, and then completely discard that logic when it comes to financial topics.

Last night, an example for the world to see. There was a football game, in case you didn’t know this. The 49ers lost a very close, very competitive game. However, at a key point, the 49ers didn’t completely understand the new SB overtime rules. How is that even possible?

Overtime Rules Changed

Without revisiting history of how or why the rules changed, the bottom line is that Coach Shanahan didn’t understand that the SECOND team to have the ball will ALWAYS have an extra option because that team will always know what needs to be done. The second team will know if they have to take risks, or not, and be able to determine when to take risks, on their own terms.

Coach Shanahan gave this option away, for free, to a QB who can be considered the greatest of all time?

Coach Shanahan is getting killed in the media for this. He has earned this criticism.


1. Do not give away free options. Period. There are scenarios that you control, there are scenarios that you do not. The best way to be able to react? Have as many options as you possibly can, as long as those options do not restrict your ability to buy groceries.

2. When you do not completely understand the rules, unintended consequences might happen. Taking risks is part of the exercise, there is uncertainty in every aspect of everyday life. It is a critical aspect of accepting risk for everyone. Accepting known risks is part of the exercise, whether it is a game, or healthcare coverage. However, the common thing among all posts here is to help you avoid unintended risks, at the proper price.

However, to not understand the rules, in advance? That’s on Coach Shanahan. And you.

For those of you who are unable to connect the dots. It was never a trap, the rules are written in legal contracts, it is that the members (you) may not have correctly and completely understood the rules. And then, to pour wrongly-placed fuel on the first, the media uses words like “trapped.”

There is a 200-page book, with at least 100 endnotes, detailing this…ahem. Medicare is only a single example.