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If you watch TV, or listen to the radio, you will see or hear commercials that advertise life insurance.

“20-year term life insurance for only $20 a month.”

Are they real? Maybe.

Truth: In the best case scenario, the answer is yes. There are some things that you need to know…

  • These rates are for those that are extremely healthy, including an ideal height/weight.
  • They are for those that do not use tobacco, and have not done so for an extended period.
  • These policies expire, which mean that the day after expiry, they have no value.
  • The world is VERY, VERY competitive, and there are multiple carriers that will be able to provide prices within a very limited range ($10s of dollars a YEAR). That’s competitive!

Here, however, are the problems.

  • You will be required to submit a sample, from a service that will arrange to visit you at your home or work.
  • If you are rejected, then that information will be shared with other carriers, and that will make it difficult to gain acceptance at other carriers.
We can help you navigate these points, because we have access to multiple carriers, and the help you avoid the pitfalls. The 1-800 numbers? Not so much.