A Picture Is Worth 150,000 Words

I don’t really like cliches, they are worn-out shortcuts, in an attempt to make something understandable. There’s a downside, which is that you may skip important steps. Among cliches, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is certainly one of them. However, in this case, it’s an understatement.

This is Lex Veldhuis, a high-stakes professional poker player. He streams on Twitch and YouTube [link]. Over the weekend, I let poker content play in the background, the sound was off. I glanced at the screen, laughed out loud, and took this picture with my phone.

I didn’t need to turn on the sound. I knew what he was saying. He is looking for this situation, as a poker player. When it comes to money [either spending or saving], you are facing this situation constantly, whether you know it or not.