Gaga Put Words In My Mouth

“I’m just a holy fool, oh, baby, it’s so cruel…” » signs anyway.

Origin of the phrase “holy fool…”

Some People Mocked Gaga. Well, That Didn’t Age Well. At All.

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The New Book Won’t Be About Medicare

As soon as you begin to accumulate, you begin to think through what is possible. The latest video, a possible slice to the financial planning pie? Yes, but surprise, details matter. And the idea that you weed through 1000s of choices?

The breadcrumbs are everywhere, for different age divisions, on what to do now.

What If You Cannot Take Care Of Yourself?

Annuities Do Have A Place and Reason, Your Broker Will Disagree

He/she cannot guarantee preservation of capital.

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Not financial advice, dyor.

Still a hard pass if someone offered me Chairman Powell’s job.

Jae’s Corner
Withdrawal Can Be Worse Than Addiction
Hate Your Job? Could Be Worse…

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This appeared a couple of weeks ago, and the adjective I would add? Unabated comes to mind. Click on the image to re-watch, in case you missed it.

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