All We Need is Video Gaga

I doubt that we are going back, video has won. It also brings a LOT of problems.

  • Fragments that you consume have incomplete or subtly-biased information (e.g. commercials / advertisements). Most of my specific criticism here is in the paid Substack. I am not in the business of systematically throwing rocks at other people that are trying to make a living, but generalizations can be very ill-fitting for you. Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, YT Channels with many more subscribers, are largely producing for the masses.

  • Fragments of information leave gaps, and one of those can bite you, exactly when it is most harmful to you.

  • You get topic #1 right, but leave topics #2-#X untouched, and one of those overwhelms topic #1 (e.g. IRMAA/APTC vs Roth IRA).

  • People want the fastest answer, I get it. I have shortened the videos. It isn’t all great, because walking the line between concise and complete is not easy.

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