Alliance For Lifetime Income Interview

Here’s a short list of the things I am considering, on the fly, while being interviewed.

  • The expected audience, and their knowledge level

  • The background of the interviewer

  • When to cut off my answer, because I am thinking of the first two

That’s the fun of it, simply describing stuff is not difficult, there are over 200 videos of me on Medicare and financial matters.

Sometimes, the questions are great, but the limitations restrict my answer. Here, I expand on the answers I gave on air, live.

I’ve added comments to interviews before, and this one is my favorite; If you watched this, at the time, none of what is occurring in financial markets this year is a surprise. None of it. The setup existed, that is the point of Jae’s Corner.

I added my comments, it is the case that during any interview, I have to cut myself short, in the interests of time.

  • Financial planning and health insurance costs

  • Medicare rules

  • Medigap vs. Medicare Advantage

  • Why Medicare Works