(Even) more work …

I am committed to writing a 2nd book, this one about Retirement Planning. Details are being considered, updates will appear here.

  • I have not decided on the format. Followers of this Substack, the free and paid versions, will not necessarily be surprised, if you have read my comments. Basically, it will provide insight on how I provide Comprehensive Financial Planning services to clients, from a wide variety of financial situations and outlooks.

  • I have decided to show my work, as it progresses, on the paid version of this Substack. You will see it, chapter by chapter, as it evolves. You can make suggestions as well.

  • I cannot give a firm release date for the final publication because I am not fully in control (there is a publisher or not, there is the formatting or not, there is the physical production, none of these do I fully control).

Best way to get the information: paid Substack, very clear. I will be assembling the breadcrumbs, and you’ll have a front row view.

I’m flattered to be asked? Yes. I’m excited (to the degree that I get excited), but a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

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