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Announcement: Hiltz, Isabelle (Updated)

To our clients, colleagues, and business associates nationwide, I have received a large number of questions regarding the situation described earlier this week. While personnel turnover is a normal business event, a termination of a Principal, for cause, at a professional, regulated firm is extraordinary, we acknowledge this. This is especially true, given the degree […]

Pew: Americans Can’t Tell Fact From Opinion

Ya Think? Pew study finds Americans can’t tell fact from opinion”When you read, you begin with A, B, C. When you sing, you begin with do, re, mi….”  This quote from an article in TheHill.com. Pew Director of Journalism Research Amy Mitchell said the study “raises caution” around news consumers’ ability “to sort news quickly.” “At […]

Announcement: Hiltz, Isabelle

Jae W. Oh, MBA, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC® Founding Principal GH2 Benefits, LLC 416 W. Huron St, Suite 1 Ann Arbor, MI 48103 April 20, 2018 To Whom It May Concern, It gives me no pleasure to announce that Isabelle R. Hiltz, Principal, has been terminated, for cause. GH2 Benefits continues to represent our clients without discrimination […]

Is “No Medical Questions Asked” Life Insurance Real?

Is “No Medical Questions Asked” Insurance Real? Yep, But Many Variations Exist Questionable Health? It’s Actually OK… You have almost certainly received a postcard which advertises life insurance. Here are some of the snippets used to get your attention. Frequently, these postcards will have something that looks like No Medical Exam Required,”  “No Medical Questions […]

Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period

Runs from January 1, 2018 – February 14, 2018 What You Can Do Cancel your Medicare Advantage plan, and return to original Medicare What You Cannot Do You cannot switch from one Medicare Advantage plan to another, just because you feel like it You cannot switch from one Prescription Drug Plan to another, just because you […]

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner on Healthcare Reform

Shockingly…Not For the Normal Reason “If you long enough,” the saying goes. Well, Ted Cruz, Senator from Texas, has proposed an amendment to the BCRA (which is the Senate version of healthcare reform). I have said privately to others, that the person that unlocks the answer to healthcare reform can become President of the United States. […]

The 2018 Individual Health Insurance Playbook

2018 Will Bring Sharp Premium Increases The playbook, from GH2 Benefits, to almost everyone in the individual health insurance market, will be the following. Those that are certain to incur VERY high healthcare costs, you purchase the best possible plan that you can afford, as soon as possible. There will be a short transition period, […]

Ford: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

14,000 Ford Salaried Employees Offered Buyouts Let’s remove the Ford-specific headline. Th fact is that companies are attempting to cut costs. Ford employees will face difficult choices. Here are a list of things to consider. Income replacement. Reportedly, the buyout would include between 3 months and 18 months of a person’s salary. Then what? Pension. […]

The Root of All Evil Around the ACA/AHCA Debate

People are confused, and the confusion starts right here. Healthcare: Eat fruits and vegetables Go for an annual checkup, your physician is a scientist, and expert on your anatomy Jack Daniels doesn’t fulfill the “drink lots of fluids” recommendation Health insurance: Financial contract, with specific terms and conditions Parties selling health insurance aren’t riverboat gamblers […]

#AHCA Recap: What You Should’ve Learned

Either Way, Someone Is Not Going to Be Happy Here is what to expect. a. Heath insurance premiums are almost certainly going higher. The reason is NOT because carriers are ripping you off. It IS because the “risk corridor” provisions are now gone. Premiums are determined by MATH, not politics. The PPACA had a mechanism to […]

Owners: How to Make More Moolah, Almost Certainly

Veterans and Seniors Are Valuable Employees Let’s leave aside the idea that veterans and seniors are great people. There is good and bad, in everyone (so said Michael Jackson and Sir Paul McCartney, a long time ago). There are financial reasons that these employees can benefit small employers. VA Health Benefits Can Be Better, and […]

The ACA War: Truths and Myths

The Problem Is You Only Get Partial Address of Issues. Except Here. The reasons you get only a partial list? There are actually many, but these are the most annoying. Person has another agenda which doesn’t acknowledge that there are valid counter-arguments that fundamentally destroy the entire argument being made Person is under-qualified or not […]