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Inaugural “See Me After Class” Award

 Didya Know The Press May Distort Stuff? The problem with the inexact presentation of facts is that it limits the ability for people to reach a practical, workable compromise. Everyday people cannot be reasonably expected to know these facts, unless they are spoon-fed. The source of that spoon-feeding is usually the press. “See Me After […]

Medicaid and Extra Help Don’t Have a Calendar 

Every year, the way that Extra Help and Medicaid interact changes. This year is no exception. If you receive Extra Help, the federal program under which you can receive premium and copay relief, there are special, not widely-known factors that come into play. The Part B and Part D Late Enrollment Penalties are waived. You […]

Medicare Deadline Approaches: Special Notes

December 7 Approaches Quickly The Annual Election Period runs between October 15 and December 7. During this period, you can change your Medicare Advantage or your stand-alone prescription plan. Further, you can change your mind, as many times, as you want, through the end of December 7. The last plan selected is the one that […]

Want to Change to Medigap?

I am an expert contributor (one of 5) to an excellent website, called MyMedicareAnswers.com, powered by Humana Inc, and here is the most recent article to that site. If You Want to Change, Now is the TIme to Think Let’s say that your personal situation has changed, or that you have decided that Medigap is […]

The Big Short and Obamacare

Wait, Isn’t The Movie About Housing? Yes, that’s true, but it is more about the jobs of the characters in the movie. Remember the Scene With the Chef? Roughly speaking (very roughly), the Chef was taking different ingredients, mixing them together and selling soup. Yeah, if you have a background in fixed income derivatives, then […]

Expect Higher Medicare Premiums in 2017

“Hold Harmless” Will Become News Again To many, a new phrase entered Medicare beneficiaries’ vocabulary last year. That phrase is “hold harmless.” This single phrase had ripple effects last year, and it is very likely going to be the case again this year.   What Happened Last Year When Social Security has zero COLA adjustments, […]

Employers Cutting Health Benefits for Spouses

Unpopular Opinion Alert! This isn’t really news, but it is mentioned in this post. The reality is that this may make financial sense for the employer, and surprisingly for the employee as well. Why? a. The spouse can cost more than the employee depending on the specific plan. The math of money may be better for the […]

Nothing from BCBS Michigan yet….

Tick, Tock… It doesn’t change my thought process. I have very specific thoughts for those that are: Turning 65 years old this year, OR have turned 65 after Feb 1, 2016 In good to excellent health and under the age of 70 Over 70 Has a poor health situation If you have Legacy Plan C, the […]

Federal Employee Health Benefit (FEHB): How-To

The Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB) is a comprehensive benefits program for both active employees and retirees. There are a lot of important details to keep in mind. a. The Part B Late Enrollment Penalty is not waived if you decide to enroll in Medicare Part B in the future. That amount will be 10% […]

Medicare 2016 Changes

My blog post as Expert Contributor to Humana-powered website, www.mymedicareanswers.com, is here. Medicare 2016 Changes There are some changes to Medicare that are forthcoming, above and beyond the changes announced in the headlines. Please see an updated grid of original Medicare rates here. Higher premiums In 2016, the Part B premium will not increase for […]

Don’t Do This: #Medicare Mistakes

This Happens. Medicare beneficiary is currently using the most expensive PPO which is a version of a Medicare Advantage plan. In deciding what configuration will be in effect for 2016, it was pointed out to the person that less expensive options were available. The reason that this was pointed out to the prospect was because […]

Maximize Your Medicare (2016 Edition) Preview

Days away…. Maximize Your Medicare (2016 Edition) will be released shortly. Attached is an entirely new section, an expert’s addenda. Health insurance and Medicare are, ultimately, financial contracts, that can be compared to an option (like a put or a call). SInce we know how to evaluate the financial value of options, we can simply […]

Medicare Open Enrollment Ends Soon

Halfway Point of the Annual Election Period The Medicare Annual Election Period ends in 4 weeks on December 7th. Current Medicare beneficiaries have the unrestricted right to change Part D (stand-alone prescription drug) plans, and Medicare Advantage plans. Observations from the Market There are many reasons that one should review their benefits annually. The main […]

A Canary Named Glencore

In the U.K., the largest commodity-related equity in Europe, has dropped by  more than 60+ Billion British Pounds, that is more than 80 Billion U.S. dollars. That’s a lot. That’s a large canary in the coalmine, and more than you may realize, it is an instructive story. History Rhymes and Glencore In case you missed […]

Medicare Mail is About to Begin

Autumn is Busy, and September is Here During the coming weeks Medicare beneficiaries will begin to receive a flurry of mail and advertisements. Here’s a quick guide to some of the mail that many will begin to receive. Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) Every year, both Medicare Advantage plans and standalone prescription Plan (Part D) […]


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