The Interview And What Isn’t Fixed

The important thing here is to share with non-Medicare crowd (ahem).

The No Surprises Act does help consumers, no question. Not sure if “it couldn’t get any worse” is a good explanation, but it fits. Here’s the article on (click here).

That said, the No Surprises Act isn’t a complete solution.

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TERM LIFE INSURANCE: Not My Rules, Just Playin’ By Them

Always have to recognize that some ships aren’t going to be turned around, and that trends can’t be reversed by me alone. If that is the case, and that everyday people serious do not want to send an email or go our free quoting location (click here), then simply click on the image to get your free quote. See the disclaimer in the footer.

Back To the Original Show (not financial advice, dyor, but rut-roh)

Simply put, if war and its horrors drive people to safe havens, but “relative comfort” of “no new headlines” takes hold, then the reversal creates other issues. That challenge? The original challenge is inflation, inflation expectations, and higher interest rates, none of which have been solved by the war.

See the small “i”? That’s how every financial asset is priced. Every.

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