Back to the Tweet: Social Media Makes This Worse

All we have here is a complaint about the systematically high cost of healthcare delivery in the US. There is no silver bullet here, you would need a coordinated set of bullets, and every one of them would face pushback, and those who oppose will have a very rational reason for doing so. You might think their reasoning to be distasteful in some way. but if I simply asked, “If it was your child/grandson, what would you tell them that their position should be?” SCREEEEEECH, your protestations would likely end. Where you stand depends on where you sit (Miles’ Law, from my political science days in Ann Arbor, home of the soon-to-be College Football Championship finalist Michigan Wolverines. Create your own newsletter, heh).

Back to the point. Tell me how this tweet is relevant to anything? Is there anything newsworthy here? Are there fully-developed solutions here? All there exists is noise.