Ruth Is My Favorite Character

We can learning something from the mouths of children, in addition to how to use the F-word (calm down, she’s a woman, I get it). And, apologies to my momma and clergymen (again). Anyways,…

Ozark is one of Netflix most popular shows. In Breaking Bad/GoT style, they have split this final season into two parts (grr). This from S4E4. You might think that I ridiculing Ruth. You couldn’t be more wrong.

Ruth May Feel Cursed & Unlucky

And Skeptical (with good reason)

But then, she gets a hold of herself, knows to pursue her interests, no matter how skeptical she might be, she relents, “Go on…Whatcha got?”

She sets the negative aside for just a moment to listen. Ah. Maybe these bad tiktoks have a connection to your understanding of personal finance topics.

Ruth Langmore Is Old Friend, Reincarnate

Reality is that in 20 seconds, you have the reason for the book, YT, this newsletter, all of it. I have met Ruth, many, many times. In the prior editions, I have called him Farmer Fred (he has since passed).

Full of life’s experiences that I will never face, ever.

Had a good handle on his situation, and the private situations that he wanted to avoid.

Ignored noise, rumors, and other distractions, understoods there are complicated mechanics to what I am explaining, but that matters so that he can pursue points 1 and 2.

In the past, part of the Foreward in my book have been dedicated to Farmer Fred’s memory.

Individual Health Insurance Extension

If you, or someone you know, meets the standard in this grid, then you have the ability to still enroll in pre-Medicare health insurance, and receive the Advance Premium Tax Subsidy, to lower your health insurance premium, dramatically.

Important note: the APTC and Medicare IRMAA are income-related, only. The amount of savings that you have does not matter. Hint: your premium, in these instances, will allow you to find $0 premiums here.

Free Quoting




If moving is anywhere on your known horizon, this can change your CURRENT Medicare configuration. It is important to consider this, in advance.

Part D and Medicare Advantage will be no problem, you will be able to switch carriers freely when you move (don’t delay in reaching us on this).

Reason that you need to keep updated on financial matters: this video will be updated, because the impact of moving is understated.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, William & Mary College

Happy to agree to appear here in 2022.

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Working Backwards To Find Your Portfolio Exposure (not financial advice)

It is important to measure your effective exposure to markets. We are in a volatile period, obviously. The randomness involved has increased notably, the VIX is implying annualized volatility (it’s distorted here, but this is close enough) of 27%. That is 62 S&P points (currently 4386 for S&P Futures) a day.

The question is: do you actually understand what exposures and risks that you effectively have? Universally, even from the highly educated and very numerate, the answer is no. Sigh. Let’s attempt to partially fix this.

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