Big Changes in 2024

The news flow, our workload, and our projects have increased a lot. In a perfect world, every Medicaid person would reach out, I would be able to eliminate all other activities, the world would be a better place, as a whole.

I have said this privately, I will say it again. I am certain of this fact.

The world doesn’t work that way.

  • Medicare marketing rules are going to get much tougher. We have always been very conservative, so we are not affected at all. BUT, the ‘other guys’ will be affected, and THAT will, in turn, affect us. On top of that, there will be fiscal pressure on the system, and that will affect us. It already is affecting us.

  • Medicare demographics are overwhelming. More people will turn 65 in 2024, than in any other year.

  • This is one single thought that keeps me awake at night. Namely, some 3rd person wrongly claims that we have done something wrong. Make no mistake, I will personally stop every professional activity to defend our actions, and recoup all costs of current/future revenues, plus damages. There is no limit to this. None.

Because of this, we are going to stop releasing frequent videos on any other platform than on our own, private locations. The only way to access details anywhere close to the level that we have? Subscription at $30/year.

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