Big Surprise

The No Surprises Act, which took effect on January 1, 2022, is notable progress for consumers, because you will not be randomly assigned an out-of-network bill if you were hospitalized, and you receive a service from an out-of-network provider. However, that means that someone has lost. That means the insurance companies.
The logical way for them to make up the difference? Pay the in-network doctors less. In this case, a lot less: 20% lower payments to in-network doctors.

It doesn’t matter what your job is, no one wants a 20% pay cut for the same work.

One more thing. It’s a little odd that the carrier didn’t think of this, and adjust its 2022 health insurance premiums, but it was likely that the proposed premiums were already submitted before the No Surprises Act passed.

The only logical conclusion? If this 20% reduction actually reflects the financial effect on insurance companies, then higher health insurance premiums would be the logical prediction for 2023.

Here’s the link (click).