Don’t Like The Earnings Results? You Can Sell or Buy Easily

Very simple, the largest tech companies in the U.S. will start reporting earnings over the next days. If you don’t like the news, for whatever reason, you can adjust your holdings. Professionals will be using the options markets (puts, calls) to hedge the uncertainty that surrounds earning reports.

There’s a market for puts and calls, you can attempt to do it yourself (not a great idea). The point is that it can be done, the prices are known, you can change your mind for whatever reason you would like. The cost of changing your mind = $0, commissions have eroded to $0/share.

You can change your entire investment or portfolio strategy (more or less), with minimal friction or transactions costs.

Medicare? Not So Fast

The reason that certain people bang on pots and pans (ahem), write a book, create a Substack?

You cannot switch your position (Medicare configuration) easily.
You cannot simply go to your urologist or gynecologist, receive news you did not want, and then change your Medicare configuration, unless you have access to certain special rights (my job to know these).

In other words, you cannot react and adjust immediately, when it comes to Medicare. That makes it notably different than other financial options, like a call/put on AAPL.

Now is the time (duh)
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