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Maximize Your Medicare is cited as a reference inside his book, which is awesome (albeit meant for professionals only, and my nice estimate of the percent that can understand it is about 5% of professionals, I’m not kidding. Your takeaway from that statement is, uh, yours and yours alone). Click here or on the image to check it out.

What I wrote to Wade:

Not all the way through, your book is an awesome reference. I am almost embarrassed out of sheepishness that my book is mentioned in yours.
I will have a variation of the ‘fit’ for everyday people that cannot comprehend your book, details are being worked out.

Medicare Portion Here

I was interviewed on Thursday, On this video, I took the questions, and then interjected with extra comments,. On an interview, I am the passenger, Art is a great pilot.

Nevertheless, I always feel like I coulda done better…

Questions on inflation and financial planning coming in a second video, as soon as I can add the commentary.

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