Call Me Lucky

The other day, I made a call to a family friend, who is educated to the extent that when connecting the dots for him, he definitely has the background to ‘get it.’ Disclosure: he isn’t a client on these matters, he is a Medicare client. I don’t sleep enough as it is. NO THANKS.

I wasn’t making a prediction on price and direction. That’s a flip to some degree, on most days (not today). I may have said this once or one million times here.

What I Told My Family Friend

I was stating that the guts of how portfolios are built seemed weird. The issue is that if these guts, I have called them the ‘glue’ are thrown astray, then everything needs re-evaluation.

I’ll be watching correlations, not direction, for signs of stress. Not awful, seems normal (ish). For now.

However, if the glue becomes undone, then we need to have an idea on what can happen to your portfolio, with the point being that it can screw up your financial plan for years. That’s your recap of 2022, and why I won’t be sleeping much this weekend.

I shared how I look at tools to examine the degree to which plans can be changed in this video.