Can I Still Get ACA Insurance?

Yes, but you need to have a “side door.”

You need to have a life qualifying event.

  1. Become unmarried: your ex-spouse needed to have provided health insurance for you (either in the private market or employer-sponsored market).

  2. Turning 26. It’s subtle here, but yes, possible.

  3. Newborn child. Yes, the newborn can be added to your existing plan (you cannot newly enroll yourself, but the child can be insured separately).

  4. End COBRA. Note that this does NOT need to be involuntary. At this point in the calendar year, you would need a very good reason to justify the cost of COBRA. While a “very good reason” might exist, Jae’s Manifesto Rule #1 tells you that checking it out, for free? A must.

  5. Loss of coverage.

  6. Moving to a different area, as long as you had coverage in your prior location.

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