Can I Enroll In Insurance By Myself? | Bad Idea, Here Is Why

A Greatly-Appreciated Follower Wrote This Comment:

“One additional possible reason why some of your subscribers may not call: you are such an excellent educator that a reasonably astute student of your work can very likely Go It Alone DIY style and get suitable results 😄”

Very supportive follower (thank you!), and I am sure that he’s right. But…that is not at all the hidden message of the book or any other statement I make in public. In fact, it is very much the opposite. The inner workings of Medicare, insurance companies, and all of the moving parts in making an actual decision are much, much more complicated than stated in any of the Channel’s videos, the book, the podcast, or newsletter.

In fact, the reality is that I have simplified it to the greatest degree that I could, without leaving a set of meaningless blurbs. Or worse, misleading, unoriginal, uninformative blurbs (there is plenty of that already).

All Financial Decisions Share Common Traits

The easiest to understand is the following.
a. What is the upside if I choose path A?
b. What is the downside if I choose path A? Let’s call DIY as “path A.”

The upside is that you will not need to contact us. I’ll ask you questions.

The possible downsides?
1. Overpaying for insurance you do not need or want.
2. Violating tax rules
3. Missing deadlines
4. Filling out applications wrongly
5. Believing those that tell you “facts” with omissions or errors, the sources include government officials and insurance company representatives, and volunteers, for starters. 6-100. Too numerous to count.

We cannot control those that wrongly think that doing it yourself is a good idea. All we have is a mountain of evidence and tons of facts that imply that the opportunity of error / misunderstanding is enormous, much larger than others know, and much larger than the over-simplified statements made in the book or on the YouTube Channel.