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Once you login, you will be able to securely send your documents to us, so that we can complete our work.
You will be added to the Maximize Your Medicare Newsletter. The reality is that the Newsletter has much more information, in addition to Medicare. The 2020 Edition of the book will be published by Skyhorse Publishing, and there will be special offers available only to Newsletter subscribers. Stay tuned!

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What You’ll Get:

1. One-year access to subscriber-only posts and videos. Membership renews automatically.

2. Special Explanations About Other Financial Contracts.
Expert analysis of annuities, life insurance, long-term care, and views on structure of financial markets.

3. Opinions
Omitting important facts is the same thing as being wrong. Those will be noted for you, so that you are not wrongly distracted all the noise surrounding financial matters.

The price for membership is $30.00 per Year.

Membership expires after 365 Days.


Any Single Topic


Any Single Topic, Hours Unlimited

  • Medicare / Health Insurance analysis and recommendation for the extended family
  • Life Insurance analysis to see whether it is suitable or if your existing policy is still effective.
  • Portfolio risk analysis
  • Note: if you choose the Comprehensive Financial Planning Service, then this amount will be credited towards that (there will not be double-billing).

What You Will Not Get

  • Specific buy/sell recommendations. We will be pointing out our views of risks to your overall portfolio, and only comment if we find a very specific issue within your holdings.
  • If you have a broker, we may provide the questions that you can ask.


Financial Planning


  • GH2 Unfiltered subscription is permanently waived.
  • A full review of your household’s entire financial status.
  • Income / Social Security
  • Tax
  • Investments
  • Estate plan
  • Insurance
  • Individualized cashflow modeling, yours to permanently keep
  • Unlimited question and answers through time at no extra cost

There’s Good Reason for a Subscription Site

Financial Fluency

Financial fluency is not hard to attain. However, you must distinguish between the signal and the noise. Once you have it, you will be able to adapt to an ever-changing world.


Shortcuts have a logic and a reason. However, shortcuts can leave the wrong impression, which affects decisions. Thorough explanations prevent errors, simple.


Financial products involve math. That is the inevitable fact. GH2 Unfiltered explains how it affects your math of money.


No one is asking, but if they did, then real-world solutions can be actually implemented.
And if you are hoping for utopia, that’s ok. But, then there is practical reality.

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