Date & Time Stamp, Yo

I ain’t sayin’…yeah I am. The dislocations and looming volatility were in evidence over a year ago, and the good (and bad) thing about the internet is that there are timestamps.

The big picture is that when a dime costs 19 cents, and stuff (asset relationships) start dislocating compared to each other, then additional attention and increased diligence is required.

This was released 10 months ago, and even then, it links to videos taken in early months…of 2021.

So the idea of “buy and hold forever” sounds ideal, but now, your 100 cents are now worth 70, compared to 7 months ago, and there is nothing to say that it cannot be lower. How about: this idea was always wrong. Ask any scientist that didn’t get his/her diploma from a Cracker Jack box.