Dave Ramsey vs. Everybody

From ThinkAdvisor.com [where I have been quoted in the past about healthcare cost planning], here’s the link.

During a recent podcast, Ramsey blasted retirement spending researchers, calling them “supernerds” and “goobers” who “live in their mother’s basement with a calculator.” 

Ramsey went on to argue that the industry’s traditional 4% withdrawal rule (and more recent income planning strategies that utilize dynamic guardrails to control spending) is overly conservative and fails to fully leverage the power of the stock market.

Rather than depending on carefully calculated spending strategies that are revisited and adjusted over time, he suggests a 100% stock portfolio and 8% annual withdrawals. 

Here’s my response [I won’t be alone]. There is an example. Here’s a link to the original article.

This is a gift: the video will be moved behind the paywall in 7 days.

I have a question [since I don’t follow others, really]: What other misguided financial principles does Dave Ramsey support?