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Benefit Maximum: Dental insurance policies often have maximum limits on the amount of coverage they provide.. This can mean that you have to pay out of pocket for some or all of the cost of certain treatment once you have reached.

The awful thing? Websites like and can wrongly state this. It is best to read the Summary of Benefits from the carrier. 


Limited network: Some dental insurance policies only cover treatment from providers within their network, which may not include all the providers you want to see.

As a base case, we recommend a PPO, so that you can receive benefits even if the dentist o specialist is out of nettwork.

This is notably improving as dentists get “on board” with an increasing number of networks.

Waiting periods

Some dental insurance policies have waiting periods before certain procedures are covered, which means you may have to pay out of pocket for treatment in the meantime.

Some carriers will waive the waiting period if you have had employer-sponsored coverage.

Medicare: there is no waiting period for those receiving dental coverage when under Medicare Advantage plans.

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There are complicated because subtle differences between dental insurance and medical insurance.

Enrollment periods for some plans is within enrollment windows, but not all plans require you to enroll on “Off marketplace” plans can have different enrollment requirements.

There can be waiting periods if you want to receive benefits, so you do need to plan early.


There are dental savings plans, and insurance. They are not exactly the same thing. There are plans available on the health insurance marketplace, and there also plans off-market place.

All of the moving parts make choosing the right plan tricky. We can assist by answering your questions. Even if we have no affiliation with the carrier, we will answer your questions.


START EARLY. You gain nothing by delaying.

You don’t get extra benefits, you don’t get better prices. You are inviting extra stress due to the fact there are other parties (government, carriers) involved.

DON’T DO IT YOURSELF. The public doesn’t get complete access to the best prices easily. There are nuances in the benefits that you may not recognize. And, if there is a problem, I will navigate, shepherd you to a resolution.


First, you can get a quote by clicking the link (here).

Second, check your dentist to make sure that he or she accepts that insurance. 

You can contact us directly by filling out the form, and one of our team will reach out to you, your information will not be sold or shared with anyone, that’s our guarantee.

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