Did You Adjust? Did You Need To?

Note that this is STILL not financial advice, nor is it a recommendation. There are a ton of other important pieces of information that would’ve been required, and even then, the outcome wouldn’t have been certain.

  • If you were wildly overweight stocks, hoping for a huge rally, then perhaps you sold, because you had no other choice. That can be rational.

  • If you were wildly underweight stocks, then perhaps you bought, because while you cannot predict the future, it might’ve been the place to add risky securities.

  • If your other components of your financial situation were correctly right-sized, then you could’ve done nothing, but wait. That wouldn’t have made it much fun over the past month, but patience could’ve been the best for you.

If you were right-sized from the beginning, then you aren’t the Baby Tomato.

Is it over? Did I say that the inning had changed? Still the top of the fifth, at most. The reason I used the baseball analogy? There is no definition of how long an inning lasts. I highly suspect that it is much longer than is discounted in financial markets prices, so there’s that.

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