Distractions are the true pandemic

  • “I didn’t get anything from my insurance.”

  • “The carrier wanted to intentionally not pay my claims.”

  • “My doctor is greedy, he ordered 5 tests.”

  • “Big pharma shouldn’t be allowed to charge that.”

  • “My advisor told me to go find a health insurance agent for that.”

There can be elements of truth or myth to this, but when you don’t understand why, then the reasoning for your decision-making can be flawed. When you realize the flaws, and circumstances change, who is the one that faces the consequences?

So while we do not have a crystal ball, we can agree that there is a huge difference between accepting risks unknowingly versus accepting risks willingly.

This is the nice version. The far less forgiving version sits on GH2Unfiltered.com, which is part of the paid Substack, yo. Deep in the weeds, I proposed the “set of bullets” that could actually be executed, in my opinion, called “How To Fix Health Insurance Markets.” No one is asking me. Imma justa guy.

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