Does the “4% Rule Work” In Practice?

Yesterday, at dinnertime, I attempted to create a livestream on our website [not YouTube], but it failed.

In this video:

  • The “4% Rule” is a guideline for withdrawing from retirement savings.

    • I examine the most qualified author on the topic [more or less], when it comes to qualified authors. But, even the best ignore a huge number of people, and that creates ripple effects. I discuss how this happens, and the issues it creates.

    • That health is not part of this paper is odd, to say the least. To say “we don’t know how long you will live” is true, but for some, you can reasonably estimate that you will live longer than average, and that affects everything.

    • The implication is that the public can get a misguided idea of how financial planning can and should work.

  • Financial Markets Update {starts about the 40 minute mark].