Don’t Like Your Medicare Advantage Plan?
Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Ends March 31.

You can change your Medicare Advantage plan one time, if and only if you are a current policyholder, through the end of March.

You can cancel your Medicare Advantage plan entirely and enroll in a standalone prescription drug plan (PDP, Part D). However, in the absence of Medigap, you will face unlimited financial exposure because the federal Medicare, by itself, does not have an annual out of pocket maximum limit.

There can be viable reasons for this. Network changes, benefit changes, prescription drug coverage changes that you were not aware of during 2021, many many more.

Note: a financial person is prohibited from actively suggesting a change, unless you approach him/her. I am pretty certain this is violated, but it won’t be by us. No chance. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. You get the point.