Dumb Rules Are, Well, Just That

My book is part of the Hennepin County Library System (5 copies across the greater Minneapolis area). My mother and sisters live in the area, I am visiting while working on my book (still, don’t ask).

Anyways…I wanted to DONATE a copy to the local branch, which didn’t have a copy. The system had already vetted the book (as have the vast majority of the largest library systems in the US).

Their answer: No. WHAT? They would’ve taken the book, and sold it, to a single user, instead of having it accessible to the library patronage.

You think your life is tough, with all of the rules and regulations: I will provide you with the mathematic and economic rationale for almost every rule of insurance or financial markets, no problem.

WHAT’S THIS LIBRARY’S EXCUSE??? Rant over =). Hope everyone is having a nice summer.