Enrollment Windows Are Tight

This is happening right now.
Medicare (now, HINT): Oct 15 – Dec 7 » send email to info@gh2benefits.com
Individual Health Insurance: Nov 1 – Jan 15
Your Company (example): Nov 15 – Dec 15

Effective window, to consider what is best for a family is now: Nov 15 – Dec 7.

In order to comprehensively consider the combination that fits, you need to be prepared.

Monday, Nov 8 5PM: FEHB LIVE Webinar is only an example.
FEHB is the largest group plan in the nation, but the reality is that I will be reviewing HOW to consider the moving parts, either individually, and most importantly, how to consider them together. Reminder that you must be a paid subscriber to access the Webinar, or watch the video, which will be available thereafter.

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