Environment Difficult For The Next Two Months

The order of this graphic is wrong. As I have noted here on this newsletter, order of operations is important. These three may look unrelated, but that is the challenge of personal finance.

The topics look unrelated, they are communicated to you via fragments, which further that notion. However, the money is in the combination, when the topics interact with one another. To make it worse, you are left unaware until you find out…after the fact.

Jae’s Corner, and my hypothetical second book is to:

  • Show you how finance should’ve been understood from the beginning, providing practical insight from financial markets experience on three continents. Current events? I have been first-hand witness to outliers that make today look like rounding error.

  • Provide common sense understanding about the fact that when topics interact, so that you can save money in large amounts, which can alter your entire financial plan.