Even The Best Are Wrong | KFFHealthNews

I stink at chess. However, I do know that these pieces move differently: there are rules that make this clear. I am also sure there are very important implications attached with this fact.

Look at the article from KFFHealthNews. First, let me say that this and Commonwealth Fund are at the head of the class when it comes to healthcare and health insurance reporting. Here is the quote inside the circle:

But a little-known fact: Once you’re in a Medicare Advantage plan, you may not be able to get out.

WRONG. This is NOT A LITTLE-KNOWN FACT AT ALL to a person that understands that a rook does not move the same as a knight. To make it worse, this now leads the newcomer reader to believe that the sellers/agents/whoevers have nefarious intentions. While that ‘might’ be true, unlikely in my specific instance: the money made from one additional client is not worth the professional risk of being wrongly accused. No way.

By the way, there is a 200 page book, with approximately 100 footnotes that would’ve explained many of the implications here, take a wild guess at where you can find further information? Uhh…www.maximizeyourmedicare.com.