Every field has its own limits
My book, this newsletter, presentations, interviews in the media, YouTube videos, GH2 Unfiltered, etc, serve one end: to bring you information and resources (but not execution of strategy, DIY fails btw).

My blizzard of information, from every angle, from the widest variety of perspectives, are laid out there for you, so that you can understand that there is no chance that I am inventing this combination of information and experience. I would not have had the time to research every nuance or answer impromptu questions from the top of my head, without a script or advance warning. Your everyday common sense should have told you this.

I spend the time in attempting to create phrases and analogies so that you can understand very complex topics, when the world’s a little blurry (had to insert the kudos to Billie E). The world is skeptical, some of the reasons are earned, because some charlatans spew out bullet points with underlying knowledge, and some partisans twist facts to promote their own end. That combination leaves you in the middle, it’s not easy.

I have no problem with descriptions of me being annoying or overbearing in these messages: you’ll need to get over it. The reason is that for some, a single, previously-uncovered tidbit will immediately resonate. For others, it will take a million repeats.