Extreme Procrastination Station

If you have a Medicare Advantage plan:

  • If you have ONLY Medicare Part A and Part B, then you should reach out and select a plan. We will get the specifics right later, because you have another chance to change your plan, if and only if you are already enrolled. You simply figure out what plan you want to have from February 1 2022, and wait until January 1, to get to the correct destination. If you are not already a Medicare Advantage policyowner on January 1, 2022, then you do not have the ability to change among plans.

  • Carriers have no choice but to accept a change, however, you will never receive a direct call or email from us to encourage you to do so. You should not be receiving a direct solicitation to change your Medicare Advantage plan. There are lots of rules involved regarding marketing, and this would be a violation. Candidly, a single client isn’t worth the risk to us, so while every client is important, there is no chance this occurs from us.

If you have a Part D plan:

  • You need to figure this out today. If you do not have time, do nothing, because then your existing plan will roll to 2022. Note that if you have done so, without checking, then you are at risk for $500 extra premium as carriers have transitioned certain people to more expensive plans, because a subset of plans have been discontinued.