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Today Should Not Be A Surprise In The Least

Dow -2%
Nasdaq -2.9%
Russell 2000 -2.3%
AGG (Bond) – 0.4%

I Have Been Pointing Out, Since Gamestop First Appeared (video at the bottom, from August 24, referring to videos in January, February, and March)

This COMBINATION of line items should not exist. When in “risk off” mode, investors “should” sell stocks, and BUY something else, and that is bonds. They have not done so this year for a long list of reasons.

This has changed the grid from the long video (1 hour) which explained how hedge funds, and huge balanced/targeted funds have returned less than 50% of the S&P. This should NOT BE A SURPRISE. Just because YOU are looking at it that way (as fed by CNBC and your broker), that doesn’t mean that the largest most sophisticated investors look at it that way.

There is NO CHANCE they are looking at it in any other way than using the linear algebra construct that I attempted to explain in the long vide…

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