Financial Planning


Comprehensive Financial Planning

Our best work is right here. A single topic can be solved. The key is the combination of topics, the fit of those topics, in your specific situation. And it is where we are most confident in our ability to deliver.


The ripple effects of your health on financial planning are endless.

  • The value of money is not only how much, but when.
  • The math of every financial decision includes the element of TIME, i.e. how long you will live. We don’t have a crystal ball, but we need to consider your health, the health of those around you, first. Not second, not third: FIRST.
  • That means we will want to know how you are protecting your health, and what health risks you may face.
  • There is a reason that we spend this amount of time in the public eye on health insurance.
  • We categorically reject any another approach. So should you.


We have no opinion about how you want to live for yourself. Politics, religion, diet: none of it matters to us. We do need to understand what your priorities are, for you, and for those around you.

  • Domestic matters, how many people depend you? What is their situation?
  • If you cannot take care of yourself, if you cannot make decisions for yourself, then who?
  • What happens when you are no longer living?

Our job? Listen, carefully. To what you say, and what is left unsaid.


Does the Money Work?

Once we have an understanding of you and your situation, we work with what we have.

  • Income sources, how to get the most from your workplace.
  • Savings and tax-efficient planning to maximize savings and minimize costs.
  • Investment mix to match your health and your personal priorites.
  • We will available to help you make adjustments as your circumstances change.

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