New Carriers In Every Port

That’s your Medicare Advantage summary.
Both of these:

Large carriers entering new locations where they have not had an effective presence in the past. Some of them are viable, including the nation’s largest carrier.

New carriers entering locations (they are 5 years late, better late than never?)

Part D

BIG carrier consolidates plans, that is going to lead to (negative) surprises for many. The CMS only allows a single carrier to offer 3 plans in a year. Due to M&A activity among Part D carriers, which has been a little crazy, there has been a mess. Now, it is beginning to sort itself out, but that means confusion.

People who are not looking carefully are in for a nasty surprise. People who ARE looking and reach us? Very likely lower costs, or a change in carrier.

I’m Restricted, Kinda

In private, I am free to comment. In public, the book has a wider purpose as information resource without commentary, other than to alert people to the fact that Medicare is both better, and much more complicated that people realize.

The free right to change Part D or Medicare Advantage plans is a free, government-protected option. That over 50% don’t even look at it? They are violating my Rule #1 of personal finance as a whole: NEVER EVER GIVE AWAY FREE OPTIONS. EVAH.

Obvious right? 50% of 60+MM people = lots of people that violate rule #1. Lunacy.

I am going to reveal everything tomorrow, here, in this private session.

Main Topics for Tomorrow at 2P ET:

I have now seen the Part D and Medicare Advantage plans, and will begin by commenting, using examples from around the nation

Enrollment and Eligibility | Changing retirement timing landscape

COVID and Medicare

Medicare Advantage vs Medigap updated: is there a time to switch FROM Medigap?

Not great: the complications of Medicare Advantage

VERY light Medicare ABCs: this is not the focus, you can see the 6 HOURS of Medicare videos on the website, where almost every element is covered.

I will be going FAST (Michigan plays at 3PM), please attempt to join on time.

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