8 COVID Tests, A MONTH (!!!)

This goes into effect TODAY. Here’s the press release (link).


Basically all ACA-compliant plans allow this. If a packet has 2 tests, that counts as 2, not one, of the 8 allowed, per month.

The list of “approved tests” is not firm, it is moving, so you need to check.

You do not require pre-authorization, but your carrier may have very specific requirements to qualify for free tests. You can expect the carriers will vary wildly here regarding the rules on where you can buy, how you prove your claims, etc.

This does not include “health sharing plans,” they are not bound by this federal mandate.

Medicare (Part A and Part B) and Medicare Advantage are NOT NOT NOT included in this new mandate.

ALSO TODAY: Deadline (actually something like 5AM ET tomorrow) to enroll in ACA-compliant health insurance.

This is easily $1k for those that qualify for APTCs. For the observant Mr and Mrs L in FL, this netted to $18,000 savings in health insurance premium, this year. Thank you to them for reaching us.

While your situation may not yield this result, the idea that you would NOT check it out? That violates RULE #1 of Jae’s Manifesto (yep, just created this): Don’t Give Away Free Options.

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The new edition of my favorite book (not really), in ebook format, will be out this month (link).


My latest quote in this article: “65-Year-old Couples Need Anywhere From $182,000 to $361,000 to Pay for Health Care Expenses in Retirement: EBRI” (Link)

Jae’s Manifesto: Rule #2

NOTE: “Manifesto” is written with tongue deeply in cheek, ‘cuz Imma Justa Guy.

Don’t Be Fooled By Randomness

“I’m The Unluckiest Person Ever” is a phrase you may have told yourself at some point. Well, check this out.

The loser lost to a 2 out of 52, followed by a 1 out of 51, back to back (link). In probability terms, the likelihood of losing is 1/52 times 1/51.

Does this mean the loser had done anything wrong, is there anything that the loser would’ve done differently? Nope. That probably doesn’t make this loser (a professional) feel much better, but faced with the same situation? Same decision.