Glamourous? No Question, But…

This isn’t financial advice but it does give you an idea about how Financial Planning is affected.

Chasing individual stocks is lotsa fun and exciting, sure. You can watch TV or read snippets online? Sure. Yabit.

  • You are not sure if the author is “talking his position.” Warren Buffett does this by the way, i.e. everyone does it (“Where you stand depends on where you sit.”)

  • It’s not about if you are right, it’s always about the other side of the coin, what if you are wrong? Can you accept that outcome? This is a KEY INPUT, because the consumer has a menu with many choices. This is a matter of personal opinion and choice: it should be considered in advance. If yes, you can be patient. If not, you needed to understand this, in advance. If your line of thinking is that “I read the target price of stock X is $ZZZ,” then you are not paying attention to the large number of posts here.

  • You “might” say that “I’m not wrong.” OK, no one likes to be wrong. Then again, the person / party that decides something never is intentionally wrong. That doesn’t mean he/she is control of the outcome. Ask Josh Allen, yo.

  • PTON, NFLX, SNAP, high profile names vs the S&P500 in the graph over the past 12 months, just facts.