Having A PhD In Mandarin Doesn’t Exempt You

If you have PhD in Mandarin, you are insanely smarter than I. That end wouldn’t have crossed my mind.

The point? Even smart people, experts in their field, can discard what they know AND USE EVERYDAY, when it comes to money, because the two bullet points take over.

This poker pro made huge errors, even before starting. And once in it, he corrected it, in the only way he rationally should’ve, when he re-discovered probability, at which he is certainly an expert. He resigned.

He took grief from bystanders, yabit it wasn’t the bystanders’ money, so pfft. The bystanders wanted the spectacle. Understandable, but we didn’t witness the bystanders volunteering their money to keep this showdown going, right?

And if you think that poker is that same as roulette? Well, look at the first bullet point.