health insurance (aca)

health insurance protects you & your family

See if you qualify for lower premiums and cost-sharing (deductible, copays, out of pocket maximum).


ACA insurance plans often have a limited network of providers that you can see, which can make it difficult to find a doctor or specialist that is covered by your insurance.

You need to VERY sure that your provider(s) are in-network, or you could be responsible for the entire cost of healthcare services that you receive.


The ACA provides subsidies to help lower-income individuals pay for their premiums, but the eligibility requirements and amount of the subsidies can be confusing.

There may be misinformation or misunderstandings about ACA premiums due to incorrect or misleading information that is circulated online or through other channels.


There is NO underwriting for ACA-compliant plans.

This means that if you apply during the correct enrollment periods, then your application will be accepted, no matter what your medical history is. There are no exceptions to this, it is the overriding feature of the Affordable Care Act.

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Special Enrollment Rules

January 15th is the deadline to choose an ACA plan.

However, if you have lost ACA-compliant coverage, for any reason, they you may be able to get an exception, and choose an ACA-complian plan. In that instance, the federal deadline does not apply, and in order to receive the APTC, an application must be completed by the 15th of preceding month.

So Many Choices

In many states, therre are overr 100 plans available.

The availabiliy of plans is not the problem. Choosing the plan thtat is best for you? That’s a different story. It is the result of the fact that people do not define what their needs are, and there is the language of insurance on totp of that.

Premium, deductible, copayment, coinsurance, put-of-pocket maximum: you need to understand each of them. And then, you need to understand how they affect the benefits that you can expect to receive.


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In addition, Mr. Oh is an Education Fellow at the Alliance For Lifetime Income..

I have been a speaker in the front of disability attorneys on multiple occasions, including the State Bar of Michigan.

Disability Insurance is as complicated as it gets, due to the fact that the language is complicated, and the coordination of benefits is difficult to decipher. In addition, it is extremely difficult to locate the cost of these policies.