is Up and Running For 2022
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If you get this wrong, you can be off by $1000s a year.

If you get this right, it doesn’t matter what you age is, your entire employment decision-making process can be entirely different (change or leave your job, retire, stay at home for parenting, the list is long). Simple reason is that you could be eligible for a FAR LOWER premium than you think. This is the unturned stone on the rocky beach. It is no exaggeration to say that if you live in a high-cost state and close to retirement age, the APTC can be worth $20,000 a year for a married couple, in the form of lower health insurance premiums.


People will get this wrong, A LOT. I don’t need a new video, yo.

Just Common Sense Is Required (Like These Two)

Their specialty isn’t insurance or finance. However, they both have just a bit of common sense (and simple math involved in music) and we are very proud to represent their interest.

GRAMMY-NOMINATED Kevin Cole (I cannot wait to change the thumbnail to Grammy WINNER)

And those that dream as a young adult, Danielle Durack from AZ, who has released 3 albums of her own.

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