Health Insurance Must-Do List Every January


Let’s just start here with updates, headlines on where we are in the calendar with regard to healthcare cost planning. January 15th is the deadline, the national deadline for individual health insurance For those people who are below the age of 65, your new plan would begin on February 1st.

January is more important than you might. The reason is if you can get to the doctor at the very beginning of January, you may discover something was wrong with your existing plan. That leaves you this couple of weeks here, I’m gonna, if you find something deficient, for whatever reason, network wasn’t what you thought.

Copays weren’t what you thought, deductibles weren’t what you thought. You still have the right to change, even if you’ve already. Even if you’ve already enrolled, then you can still change by December, by January 15th, to be effective on February 1st. I’m all over the media with regard to how to get the lower health insurance premium, lower deductible, lower out of pocket, maximum lower co-insurance.

Just type in my name, put it in health insurance. You’ll see a number of different locations where I’ve explained it in. I. Pretty much everywhere on the internet. Q1, starting on January 1st through the end of March, you do have the right another window ano get another window to change Medicare Advantage plans.

So you must first be a Medicare Advantage plan member if you are. You have the first quarter to change one time, one time. . There can be lots of reasons in addition to the misunderstanding that I just explained about individual health insurance. The same thing here on Medicare Advantage, meaning you could have found some deficiency, you could have found better benefits with another plan you could have found.

The network is wrong. You can also switch to Meap for those persons interested in switching to me. again, follow this number one tip, which is you need to get approved for meap first because I don’t want you to cancel out of your Medicare Advantage plan just to find out later that you don’t get accepted to meap.

That will leave you with exposure and I don’t want to have that because if you have the red, white, and blue card alone, then you have unlimited downside. this so you can see me. I turned myself upside down yesterday on the edited version, and you can see this green line. That is basically the reason I’m here, right?

Which is to prevent people from this ongoing down green line here without limit. Insurance stops the downside if you require expensive healthcare service.

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