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Health Insurance For $0 Premium is Likely

This is the taxable income & household size grid used to calculate the Federal Poverty Level. In a perfect world, there would be a less-stigma-laden term.

The point is this is the grid used to qualify for much lower health insurance premiums. Dramatically lower.

It’s not easy to interfere in someone else’s beeswax. Your friend, your relative, your neighbor. How about forwarding the email?

These people have the YEAR-AROUND right to get ACA-compliant health insurance. AND if they fit within these brackets, it will very likely be the case the premium can be $0.

Secret sauce here? Mr and Miss Perfect want this, not Medicaid. Reason, Medicaid, while free, will have notable restrictions with respect to healthcare providers. These plans will have restrictions, yes, but they will be far better than Medicaid.

Here’s the 1-minute video on how to get the free quote. Something is weird on this platform, the thumbnail used to appear automatically.

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Year-Round Enrollment

The image below is only the California example. Every state will have their own, unique card. If you or someone you know, has BOTH cards, then you can enroll in a Special Needs Plan, a special version of a Medicare Advantage plan.

What people don’t know: carriers have expanded the networks to beyond those that have accepted Medicaid alone (!). This is a huge, largely-unknown fact. Medicaid beneficiaries are accustomed to having very limited networks. Depending on your location, this might no longer be true. I would highly suspect that this gains traction in the future, the positive to the policyholder is overwhelming, without upsetting the balance of other benefits.

It has always been the thought that a Medicaid and Medicare person should adopt a D-SNP plan, but with this new fact, this is worth checking out.

Free Guidance

My presentation here will allow attendees to receive CFP Board Continuing Education credits, (just in case you thought I was any ole’ gasbag, still might be true).

There are something like 125 Osher Lifelong Learning Institute locations, I have presented at about 15 over the years (from Miami to Alaska).

Most wrongly, not at my alma mater, where the U of Michigan retiree plan is being rationally priced out of the market (hmmm) and about a 2 minute drive from GH2’s office.

Right now, medigap, for a 65 year old, costs about the same for a monthly retiree health benefits plan for a newly-retired employee, which is ultimately a Medicare Advantage plan (a high-quality one, but a networked managed care plan, nevertheless).

You can’t make this stuff up.

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