More Failures By Me

You may not agree, but I don’t sit around patting myself on the back. It’s 6A, I have been up for an hour, creating draft emails, sent with a time delay, so that you don’t think I am absolutely nuts.

The largest failure of the book is that I am very very certain that people should intervene and assist their senior adult, and don’t. Some of that I cannot resolve, I realize, that senior adult may be clinging onto their independence. but the number of moving parts involved in Medicare requires a co-captain, at the minimum.

If that senior becomes ill or receives a bill he doesn’t understand, he needs to ask, and he will ask…you. Worse, he may be keeping it to himself, getting stressed, bills tangled, leaving you in the dark the entire time. I promise this is happening everywhere, irrespective of health or financial situation.

How To Get Our Help

Part D and Medicare Advantage can be changed freely, as many times as you want, through December 7. No exceptions.

This form does NOT obligate you. It is a “permission slip” that must be completed for regulatory purposes.

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What Will Happen

You will receive an email within 24 hours.

We will ask for further details; it takes time to gather the information, we need it.

We will arrange for a Zoom call; this is important because there is NO WAY that we are going to enroll a person without permission and without your full knowledge that this is occurring. Be careful: anecdotal evidence is that fraudulent enrollment by producers (like me) has increased. While unwinding is possible, it is brutally difficult, after the fact.

Existing clients will likely be completed by Halloween. New clients will be handled in order that we receive emails. We have a queue, we will also not forget you.

I Get It, This Takes Time

If they are skeptical (or if you are), this person is the strictly qualified Elder Law attorney, and within that specialty, a greater among equals, most would easily agree. Even he couldn’t quite re-attach a special circumstance. You should not try to do this yourself: 100+ videos, 8 editions of book, there is never ever the time that I recommend that YOU do it alone.

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