How To Tell If You’re A Hater

It’s really easy! If you believe either one of these, then yep, YOU ARE SWERVING IN THE NAME OF HATE FOR SPORT.

  • “I’m upset that airtime is being used to show Taylor Swift during a football game.”

  • “This is a conspiracy to re-elect POTUS, since Taylor Swift has endorsed him in the past.”

NY Times

There is a lot to dislike in society, hating the fact that the most successful music star on the planet is dating a famous football player? That ain’t one of them.

  • She has done this herself

  • She wrote the lyrics herself

  • She has made business decisions largely by herself

  • The dude on the left? HAHA, Taylor Swift’s personal assistant might make more money than he does.

Take the Chiefs, but that is because there is another guy, with a funny gait, and funny voice. He makes State Farm commercials.