One’s Thing’s For Certain: Uncertainty

VIX is implying approximately 70 points of S&P volatility, intra-day.

Wednesday, inflation data will be released, which means that the days prior will be full of jitters, headlines, and speculation, in some order.


Two topics

1. Bonds For Dough, Stocks Don’t Matter

2. Medicare Advantage Costs More Than Original Medicare: “New” Report…and the Intentional / Uninformed Distortions Sure To Follow

Facebook Live, Monday, May 9, 2PM ET

I have no idea what the agenda is, lol. That is the fun of it. Click on the image to be taken to the Facebook page.

Appearing on interviews is interesting, if the interviewer is good, no matter where it takes us.

Sometimes, the line of questioning veers, and “someone” suddenly has marbles in his mouth, and has to “say it, but say it gently.”

According to leading website

Oh, lookee here

My presentation at the Investments & Wealth Institute in Nashville.

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