As fun as OHOWIHATEOHIOSTATE is as a phrase, let’s not go overboard. I won’t be hoping for children suffering career-altering injuries. This is a stupifying comment by @Dougbug, really.

Let me re-write this tweet for y’all.

I thought that since I am a physician, that qualifies me to understand and analyze financial contracts. In order to cover up, after the fact, that wrongly-placed notion, which was always wrong, I decided to call the thing I don’t understand, am not qualified or studied to understand, a “scam.”

Here’s another alternative.

The real scam is that I am manipulating the fact that the public thinks that healthcare is the same as health insurance, and so that I’m qualified to throw shade on topics that I don’t fully understand.

And another.

I have mis-spelled ‘luck’ as ‘major success,’ to disguise the fact that my relative was almost completely misunderstood his situation and wrongly chose, right from the beginning.

Individual health insurance: December 15th is the last day to apply, if you want health insurance coverage to begin on January 1. January 15th is the last day to apply if you want health insurance to begin on February 1.

Medicare: December 7th is the last day to enroll in a Medicare Part D plan or Medicare Advantage plan. There is zero flexibility, unless you are entitled to a Special Enrollment Period. Note that December is irrelevant if your Medicare coverage begins January 1 – March 1.

This is fixable.

This is a VERY ROUGH video, no production, almost zero editing, so lotsa mumbling and of course, no script. Click the link below.

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