I Sat And Read This While On “Vacation”

Author is very well-known. I didn’t love Outliers (click here), but I am in the minority, clearly. This one, however, very interesting (the examples of Jerry Sandusky and Larry Nasser were stomach-churning to start, and perhaps even worse to have to remember how awful the situations are).

Nevertheless, very interesting because my most important role is one of communicating with others that are not exactly like me (hehe, don’t say it, I already know).

Since no one is listening to me (i.e. DIY is fine for shopping, but execution should be done with us). Click here or on the image to start.

If you really, really, want to pursue this yourself, the ultimate parent is MassMutual, no question about the viability of the carrier (click here or on the image to start). We understand and accept that this is the way the world is going…more on that later, and my part in the insurtech/fintech morass.